This Scary Lady Is The Villain Of Square Enix’s Latest Smartphone RPG

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Square Enix teased a collaboration game with mobile games developer Gloops a while back, which ended up being Glorious Blades: The Princess of Destiny and the 8 Soldiers. The game’s official website shares some info on the game’s story and a look at some of the characters.


Once upon a time, the royal family who ruled the lands of the Arcadia Kingdom suffered a violent death at the hands of the dark witch Echidna.


After becoming the empress of the kingdom, she dominated the entire world. Engulfed in constant darkness, the lands no longer saw any sunlight, and monsters began terrorizing just about every area known to man.


However, hope was not lost.


“The time has come for light to defeat darkness, as the eight swords gathered.

The eight radiant blades who will be upholding the last wish of the late princess—to destroy evil.”


A young island boy by the name of Cas Paleug is about to awaken his fate that will be etched in the books of legends… while a white-winged lion continues watching him from the heavens.


Cas and Princess Moira

Garm and Hols

Noire and Empress Echidna

The battle system in Glorious Blades will be command-based with 5-on-5 fights, where the goal is to hit enemy weaknesses out of four different types of commands, which will be the key to winning fights.

There are “1st Jobs” such as Soldier, Wizard, Thief, Monk, Explorer, and Fighter, along with more advanced “2nd Jobs” in Magic Fencer, Assassin, Knight, Summoner, Adventurer, and Clown. There are also “Special Jobs” in Dancer and Minstrel.

Glorious Blades: The Princess of Destiny and the 8 Soldiers is currently available in Japan for smartphone devices.

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