p4scan.jpgLast year we reported a rumor that Persona 4 was coming to the PlayStation 2 in 2008. It seriously is and Persona 4 is almost done. Japan gets it on July 10.


Insert Credit has scans of the game and it looks strikingly like Persona 3. One of the new changes is a weather system where characters perish on misty days. The cast is all new too. Replacing the emo-style protagonist of Persona 3 is a kid with a bowl haircut who has Izangai as his Persona and a family to spend time with. No more mysterious orphans here! He is joined by Chin, a girl wearing a green track jacket and short skirt, who has Tomoe as her Persona. It appears that she has control over fire too.


Katsura Hashino, the producer, explains the gameplay is around 60-70 hours, which means plenty of time building social links on the soccer field and melding Personas in the Velvet Room.


At this time Atlus USA has not announced the game, but after the success of Persona 3 I imagine they will, even if it means Persona 4 will be the PlayStation 2’s swan song.

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