Schwarzerblitz Shows Love To Early Polygonal Fighters



Schwarzerblitz is a combo-based love letter to early polygonal fighters, born from “countless hours spent in the local arcade playing Tekken 2”.




Schwarzerblitz is a fighter with a complex story, dealing with secret government projects, Italy’s capital being destroyed by an explosion, reality distorting plants replacing nuclear power, and alien planetoids. These will all lead to hand-to-hand combat between the game’s six current fighters (with over twenty total planned).


Players can choose from an array of oddball fighters, from skeletal-garbed men to humanoid sharks to politically incorrect robots. Each has a complex move set that focuses on creating long combos, giving player the opportunity to juggle opponents should they be given the opportunity, chewing up health or knocking them out of the ring to win.




Players will also have access to Trigger Attacks, which are unblockable moves that have longer stun times, letting players set up vicious combos. These cost a bullet from the player’s bullet counter, but they will also have to watch their opponent’s counter, as they can use their own bullets to counter a stun and strike back.


Players can download Schwarzerblitz’s alpha demo now from Industrious players who know code can even add in their own characters as the game goes through development, as the game is open to modding. More characters and a story mode are still in development. 

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!