Sci-Fi Game Starr Mazer Combines Point-And-Click Adventure With Shmup

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Imagos Software combines point-and-click adventure with horizontal shmup in the upcoming ‘90s-style sci-fi action game Starr Mazer. It’ll be bringing it to Kickstarter in the coming months, too.


Starr Mazer actually started out three years ago when Jeremie Perin was hired to create a concept for his dream game that would be used in the opening minutes of Imagos Film’s award winning feature film “Motivational Growth.” The result was the trailer you can watch above as seen in the film.


Now, with the creation of Imagos Software, the company’s new game-making arm, and with the help of developer TOO DX, Starr Mazer is going to become an actual game.


You play as Brick M. Stonewood (the “M” stands for “Metal,” apparently), who was found by ingot miners in a sleep-lock – he’s a man from the past in science fiction future, a bit like how Fry in Futurama woke up several years into the future.


But Brick is no pushover, as he’s a talented mercenary pilot who drives the spaceship Starr Wolf, as well as being a hot shot with a gun, and so he heads out into what’s left of the galaxy after the Great War to find out more about his hidden past.


As you can see in the trailer and screenshot above, Starr Mazer is a project that’s designed to be much like a game of the ‘90s, with its old-school point-and-click interface, stylized pixel art, and chip tunes. You can keep up with the developer of Starr Mazer on its website.

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