Science Adventure Series Visual Novel Maker Mages Goes Independent


mages 1

In a press release today, it was announced that Mages is going independent, following a management buyout (MBO) by Mages president Chiyomaru Shikura’s multimedia concept studio Chiyomaru Studio.


With the MBO, Chiyomaru Studio bought out all shares of Mages owned by Dwango, its former co-owned parent company. Furthermore, it has become independent from Kadokawa Group, although the two companies maintain friendly relations to each other.


Finally, the 5pb. brand used by Mages to manufacture games and publish music will now both be consolidated under Mages in order to strengthen its branding, and to unify the brand.


Company president Shikura commented in a Tweet today:

“We’ve gone independent!

I have nothing but thanks to say to Dwango, which has taken care of us for nearly 10 years. I really loved its unique company culture, which was like being in a giant social circle. I hope that you’ll give us the same love and care that you’ve given us up to this point.”

Alistair Wong
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