Scour Broken Starships For Treasures & Dangers In RPG Deep Sky Derelicts


As a member of the poor, players are tasked with scouring spaceships for valuable scrap, dealing with the dangerous aliens and malfunctioning machines within, in order to seek a better life in Darkest Dungeon-inspired RPG Deep Sky Derelicts.


Players will be tasked with hiring a group of mercenaries and scavengers from the safety of their base, sending them out after derelict ships floating within their range in order to bring back anything salable within. Each of these ships is procedurally-generated and filled with hostiles, so players will need to prepare for many dangers on each outing.

When caught by a monstrous alien creature or irate robot, players will deal with them in turn-based, card-based combat. Each character’s cards are dictated by the equipment they wear, with each piece being infused with several possible cards. These cards will be drawn out in random order as the player fights, forcing players to fight carefully with whatever combat options they happen to be given. Smart equipment choices will help deal with some of this randomness, but overall, players will still need to be ready to come up with new plans based around their available cards.


Deep Sky Derelicts will offers players an arena mode should they wish to get to the action, as well as a story mode that follows a narrative of divisions in society, and the player’s journey to overcome their lot to breathe real air and eat real food.

Deep Sky Derelicts is projected to release in 2018, according to its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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