Scrap Rush!! Introduces Challenge Mode And The Singleplayer Scrash Mode

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Acquire’s newcomer-led versus game Scrap Rush!! comes out today, and more has been shown off regarding some of the game’s other modes like Challenge Mode, the singleplayer Scrach Mode, and the various battle modes. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


As previously discussed, in this game you need to collect the most scrap to win. However, just collecting what’s on the field isn’t enough to give yourself an edge, so you’ll need to defeat your opponents by crushing them with scrap blocks and collect their remains as well, and power up when reaching a certain amount of scrap.


scrap rush challenge 1

scrap rush challenge 2

scrap rush challenge 3

In Challenge Mode, you can team up with up to three other players in order to clear ten stages with a tough Dark Scrapper boss at the end. Meanwhile, Scrash Mode is a singleplayer mode where you need to defeat up to 99 waves of enemies and survive to the end. Finally, Battle Mode is the basic versus content against other players where you need to collect scrap to win.


scrap rush challenge 4

scrap rush challenge 5

To get scrap on the field, you need to destroy scrap blocks on the field by pushing them towards other objects or players. To do so, you have the regular Push that moves the block 3 spaces, a Small Push that pushes the block one space, and a Charge Push that pushes the block all the way to the end.


You can even create your own Scrap Blocks to push into enemies on the battlefield, although this uses your own scrap to do so.



scrap rush challenge 6

scrap rush challenge 7

Scrap Rush!! comes out on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop today.

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