Screencheat Brings Split-Screen Cheating To PS4, Xbox One On March 1st

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Did you ever look at your opponent’s part of the screen when playing split-screen shooters? If you did, you should immediately get the appeal of Screencheat.


Released for PC in October 2014, Screencheat will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 1st with two-to-eight multiplayer support in local and online play.


It’s a game in which you have to look at your opponent’s part of the screen if you wish to beat them. Why that’s the case is simple: Every player is invisible, and so the only way to work out where everyone is, is to look in their screen to see what they’re seeing. You can imagine the chaos this can cause.


This upcoming console version adds a bunch of new content to the game, too. There are AI bots to play against, six new maps, two new weapons, and new modes including team variants.


Also added are “a ridiculously granular level of customisation options which allow players to create and save their own crazy game modes,” according to publisher Surprise Attack. “Players are able to progress and level up through playing to unlock ragdolls, mutators and weapon skins,” they add.

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