SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Introduces Warship Groups And Brand-New Raid Units

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Bandai Namco has given the lowdown on SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays’ unit management systems, including how this time you can sort them by Warship or by Raid Units. Furthermore, they have introduced several new units from each world. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Two Types of Groups

sd gundam groups 1


sd gundam groups 2

In Cross Rays, there are now two ways to organize your crew – Warship Groups and Raid Units.


Warship Groups

sd gundam groups 4

The classic way of grouping units in SD Gundam G Generation, with one warship, one Master Unit, and two teams of units.



sd gundam groups 5 sd gundam groups 6


Warship Groups are able to do combination assaults with the warship if the units are near the warship in order to damage multiple foes at once.


sd gundam groups 7

Another benefit of Warship Groups is how units are able to duck back into the battleship to heal HP and EN to max at the cost of the action for that turn. However, this limits you to having to fly out from the battleship next turn, which may not be ideal in every situation.


sd gundam groups 8

Finally, Warship Groups have Master Units, which ignore the size of the unit, and are able to regain HP and EN every turn, and more. These Master Units are the key to beating stages.


Raid Units

sd gundam groups 9

sd gundam groups 10

Raid Units are a new type of sortie strategy where you only send out regular units without a warship. As manually operating each unit may be troublesome thanks to the larger amount of units, there’s a new option to move every unit at once.



sd gundam groups 11 sd gundam groups 12


While Warship Groups can use warships as healing spots, Raid Units have no such benefit. Instead, each unit heals HP and EN every turn, but how much is regained depends on their formation.


When stuck next to each other, more HP is regained the more units are side-by-side. The less units are near each other, the more EN is regained at the start of turns.


sd gundam groups 13



sd gundam groups 14

Meanwhile, Raid Units have a Raid Combination as their group attack. Unlike Warship Groups, Raid Combinations can be started by any unit in the group, making it easier to hit multiple enemies at once.


New Units:

GN Armor Type-E

setsuna 10


Alejandro Corner (CV: Yasunori Matsumoto)


alejandro 1

alejandro 2


Leo Cannon Type

leo 1


Leo (OZ Prize)

leo 2



gells ghe


SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays releases in Japan and Asia in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Check out the previous unit screenshots in our previous post here.

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