Sea Salt Gives Players Monster Swarms To Punish Those Who’ve Wronged Dagon

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Sea Salt mixes elements of action games and RTS, giving players several different monster swarms they can use to hunt down and punish the people of a gloomy world – people who seem to have forgotten the Lovecraftian god Dagon who rules them in favor of other deities.


In Sea Salt, the player is tasked with bringing Dagon’s wrath down upon the people and religious figures of a seaside village and beyond, working their way to the cathedral and the seat of power for the new gods. Players will choose which monsters they bring on their journey by choosing an Apostle at the beginning of each level, with each of them having access to different creature swarms. Players can earn new Apostles through buying them with gold they loot from the humans they kill on their journey, giving them even more beasts and ways to punish.

Players can access over fifteen types of minions, doing so by using the appropriate tarot card at summoning circles around each area. These minions, like the speedy swarm which attacks with claws, worms that use corrosive spit and leave slowing trails, or cultists with long-range magic, offer several means of killing people, but it will be up to the player to figure out which ones work best together. However, should all of these creatures die, players will need to restart the level.


The people will work to kill the player’s minions, but using fear can help keep more monsters alive. Basic human enemies, when surrounded, will stop attacking out of fear, so players should use the map and environments in order to get into position to enwrap a foe, keeping them from doing harm. More powerful humans (hunters) and bosses are not susceptible to fear, though, so players will need to use their minions’ abilities to the fullest to overcome these enemies.

A demo for Sea Salt is currently available from GameJolt, and plays who enjoy it can donate to the game’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

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