Search A School Filled With Unnatural Horrors In Misao: Definitive Edition


    Misao, a quiet, shy girl who was bullied at school, has gone missing. Three months later, and some rumors of strange phenomena have cropped up, which players will need to investigate to find the missing girl in Misao: Definitive Edition.


    Misao: Definitive Edition will have players working their way around their school, running into fellow students as they try to find the missing girl. However, they will soon find that the rumors about unnatural appearances are quite true, having to hide, avoid, or run from many unsettling presences that mean to do the player harm.

    Misao: Definitive Edition is an updated version of the original Misao, updating the visuals and adding some new scenes for players to work through. Players should expect some gruesome moments and stomach churning ends for the many student characters in it, though.


    Misao: Definitive Edition is available now on Steam and Playism.

    Alistair Wong
    Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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