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Guilty Gear Xrd Location Test Shows Off Axl, Faust, I-No, And Slayer


Heaven or hell, Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- Location Test Round 2, let’s rock! This past weekend, Arc System Works held their second Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- location test, where they introduced new game systems, and new characters in Axl, Faust, I-No, and Slayer. Famitsu have shared some impressions from their time spent at the event.


The first new system introduced in the location test is the “Blitz Shield” ability. Using the Blitz Shield grants you a split second of invulnerability, allowing you to parry your opponent’s attacks. Similar to regular guards, Blitz Shield will have middle and low guards, and when successfully used, it will repel opponent attacks, leaving them open for a counterattack.


The Blitz Shield can also be done in mid-air, which adds a new defensive and offensive element to the fight. When you’re hit by a Blitz Shield, your guard will be left open; however, unlike the Slashback feature that was introduced in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, you’ll also be able to perform certain actions, such as your own Blitz Shield, to counter the counter. Using this ability will eat up a quarter of your Tension Meter, so overusing it could have its drawbacks.


Next up, Famitsu shared a little on the subject of Roman Cancels. As previously revealed, there will be three different types of Roman Cancels: Yellow, Red and Purple. While the Yellow Roman Cancel uses only 25% of your meter, Red and Purple use 50%. While not much was revealed about the Purple Roman Cancel, Famitsu mentions that it seems to appear when you mistime the Yellow, causing you to use more of your meter.


Similar to past games of the series, you’ll still be able to use Yellow Roman Cancels against projectiles, and also as a “Forced Roman Cancel”.


Finally, Famitsu shares some notes on the four new recently introduced characters:



Axl will still be using his famous sickle and chain combo of using long-ranged attacks to his advantage, followed by powerful combos. Axl will have even more of a long-ranged advantage this time arond, as he’ll have special attacks that can hit high, mid, and low areas, and the hits are said to pack quite the punch, including additional follow up hits.



Similar to Axl, Faust will be using plenty of long-ranged attacks, with special attacks featuring the element of surprise with random item, making him a bit of a gamble-type character. One of his items includes a black hole-like object, that sucks both players into one spot.




Slayer will have his high power attacks, especially once he starts using his “Pile Bunker,” but he’ll also have new ways of getting past his opponents’ defense, and is considered to now be a character who even novice players to the fighting game genre will have no problem picking up. His “Dandy Step” moves have also been upgraded.



I-No has also seen some changes in her moveset, as the input for “Chemical Love” has been changed, so it is easier to handle. She’ll also have various special attacks that can be combined with her Hover Dash ability, which is said to go well with Roman Cancels.


Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- is slated for release in spring 2014.

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