Second Hololive Myth and CounterSide Trailer Shows Vtuber Skins, Figures

Second Hololive Myth and CounterSide Trailer Shows Vtuber Skins, Figures

The Hololive Myth Vtubers are now in CounterSide as part of the game’s latest crossover event. To help people get an idea of everything that entails, there’s a new video showcasing the collaboration. It goes over all of the five characters now in-game. People can also hear the voiced lines that will play. Some of the figures they can collect also show up. This comes following the event’s announcement back in November 2022.

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The video begins by showing the five Hololive Myth members’ CounterSide skins. As a reminder, Calliope is a Lucrecia skin, Kiara is a Yuna Springfield one, Ina’nis is one for Edel Meitner, Gura is a Kaci Bins skin, and Amelia is one for Yang Harim. In each case, people can see the people in character and using attacks. One skin will be a free collaboration mission reward.

After that, the trailer goes over other elements of the event. It shows the compose system with the Vtubers. A number of chibi figures inspired by the Hololive Myth members show up. It then closes with a look at how the characters look like in a room interacting with different pieces of furniture.

Here’s the latest trailer for the crossover.

CounterSide is available on PCs and mobile devices, and the Hololive Myth crossover is now live in-game.

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