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The Secret To Getting Ar noSurge Bonuses Is Using The Internet



Ar noSurge is a mash-up RPG between Gust’s Ar tonelico and Ciel noSurge games that keeps elements such as Song Magic and diving into character’s minds. 4Gamer shares a look at the new GP (Gust Points) system, that allows players to get in-game bonuses for participating in Gust’s social networks and website.


Gust Points or GP for short are points that can be acquired from the Internet. These points can then be used in GP Fusion to gain bonuses such as double experience, double Dive Points, and double the money earned.


009 GP can be acquired from getting “GM-02 Tickets,” which gives you a roulette chance of getting anywhere between 5 to 20 GP. You can also gain 100GP by registering a MyGustID on their website.


By visiting the Surge Concerto Social site and Ar noSurge’s official website you can also get one ticket a day. Those of you on Twitter will also be able to get daily tickets (with 5 tickets for first-timers) by going on Tweeting “#アルノサージュ発売”(Ar noSurge release) along with your MyGustID.





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4Gamer also gives us a peek at an Ar noSurge DLC featuring Kanon and Nay, that will add them as quality conversation mates for more events in the hot springs.



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Ar noSurge is currently available for PlayStation 3 in Japan.

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