See How amiibo Work In Star Fox Guard


Star Fox Zero isn’t the only Star Fox Nintendo Wii U game with amiibo compatibility. People playing Star Fox Guard can summon tap the Fox or Falco amiibo to the GamePad for assistance as well. GameXplain has shared a two and a half minute video going over what amiibo do for players when scanned into Star Fox Guard.


To use an amiibo in Star Fox Guard, you must scan it on the Nintendo Wii U GamePad before a mission begins. The game will recognize it and allow you to call upon the Star Fox team for support in that one mission. If you begin to get overwhelmed, you can call upon Star Fox and his team for an air strike. You’ll hear a familiar fanfare, see the Star Fox logo on the side of an Arwing, and the screen will shift to show the four heroes in the air. Fox will say, “This is Star Fox. Responding to your distress signal.” They’ll then swoop over the map and destroy every robot. This can be done once each day.


Star Fox Guard will be released on April 22, 2016. It will be available digitally in the Nintendo eShop. The only way to get a physical copy is to purchase the limited First Print edition of Star Fox Zero at launch, as it includes Star Fox Guard.

Jenni Lada
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