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See Cia And What’s Inside Hyrule Warriors’ First DLC Pack



Nintendo and Koei Tecmo recently revealed Hyrule Warriors’ first paid DLC pack, titled the Master Quest Pack, which includes Epona among other new additions to the game. The official website shares more details on what the DLC pack.


epona_00_b epona_01_b

The Master Quest Pack includes Epona who is considered a weapon, a new Adventure Mode map, a costume, and a new scenario featuring Cia as the main part of the DLC.


The above trailer shows off Cia in action in her new scenario, which is a side story of how she meets Volga and Wizzro, and how they close in on Hyrule Kingdom.


1016_ss01_b 1016_ss02_b

Cia’s scenario will have five episodes, which will conclude with something waiting for her at the end.


1016_ss03_b 1016_ss04_b

In addition to the new Master Quest Map in Adventure Mode, there will be special “Master Quest Rules” that won’t let you recover health or use items. As a reward, players can acquire high rank weapons for Cia, Volga, and Wizzro among other new weapons and more.


1016_cia_b 1016_lana_b

The above is a look at the two “Guardian of Time” costumes that will be available in a set of two for Lana and Cia.


Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest Pack will be available in North America on October 16, 2014. While a price has yet to be announced, it’ll likely be somewhere near the pricing of the Japanese version at 1,200 yen (about $11).


Additionally, pre-purchasing the Season Pass that will feature all four DLC packs for $19.99 / €14.99 / £13.49 will also include a Dark Link costume as a bonus item.

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