See Some Of Code Vein’s Revenants And Members Of The Lost


CV_MainVisual Next year, Bandai Namco will be bringing Code Vein to consoles. This is a game in which players step into the shoes of Revenants, characters that can best be described as vampires, who fight to stay alive in a world teaming with ghouls known as the Lost in a third-person action-RPG.


When Code Vein begins, players will find themselves as a Revenant who has come to Vein, the last stronghold where Revenants gather and attempt to fight back. These people give up their memories and feast on blood in exchange for Gifts that help them fight back against the Lost and stay alive. Those who are consumed by that hunger for blood will become a member of the Lost and part of the problem. You’ll venture out with a companion, heading out and using Blood Veil devices to drain blood from Lost to strengthen themselves and their Gifts.


Using Gift CV_Basic weapon_4 CV_Basic weapon_9 CV_Battle CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Gauntlet__1 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Gauntlet__2 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Gauntlet__3 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Gauntlet__4 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Long Coat__1 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Long Coat__2 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Long Coat__4 CV_Blood Veil Transforming_Long Coat__5 CV_Revenant exploring_5 Field_Berg__3 Field_Cave__3 Field_Collapsed city__2 Lost_Boss_ Lost_Enemy_ Revenant exploring_1 Revenant exploring_3 Revenant exploring_4 Revenant exploring_6


Bandai Namco says Code Vein will come to “major consoles” in 2018.

Jenni Lada
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