See Fighting Game Fearless Night’s New Gun-Slinging Witch In Action


Shobu Games has revealed a new character for its upcoming fast-paced 2D fighting game Fearless Night. She’s a gun-slinging witch called Amika “Ami” Heartome.


The game’s artist has provided an in-depth behind-the-scenes explanation of the thought process that went into creating Ami’s design. In short, she’s inspired by Bayonetta, and is meant as the main character’s rival, and wan initially designed around stars to counter the game’s dark themes.


As to Fearless Night, it’s inspired by Guilty Gear and is intended to “continue the legacy of the fast paced, highly responsive arcade games of the past.”


It’s also being built using Shobu Game’s in-house Shobu engine, and has been in developer for a couple of years now. The team outlined some of its features:


  • Rollback style netcode for responsive input under heavy network latency
  • Controller hot swapping
  • Extensive training mode tuned for new and advanced players
  • Multiple recording slots for both characters
  • Switch between either character
  • Save and Load state
  • Hit box and frame data display options
  • Pause and Frame step
  • Supported platforms include Windows and Linux


If you want to try out the game’s latest alpha demo then you can download it right here. Updates on the game’s development can be found on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Chris Priestman