See How the Mog House Has Evolved in FFVII Rebirth
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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Mog House Compared to FFVII One in Screenshots

Square Enix has been showing off various comparison screenshots between the original Final Fantasy VII, released on PlayStation in 1997, and 2024’s FFVII Rebirth. The company’s latest screenshots show how the Mog House evolved in the PlayStation 5 reimagining. 

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The Mog House in the original release of Final Fantasy VII was a tree with a giant red mushroom cap. On the house’s exterior were two windows and a sign that said “MOG” in bold yellow lettering. The iconic location was also surrounded by pink, blue, and yellow flowers.

The new version of the Mog House found in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a similar design, but this and the FFVII screenshots show certain difference. The new one features way more detail and is surrounded by fewer flowers. In the remake, the makeshift house is now surrounded by more mushrooms and trees of varying heights. The Moogles that appear at the Mog House have also been redesigned to match their appearance in FFVII Rebirth.

Square Enix has made other comparisons for iconic locations, redesigned enemies, and key details in FFVII Rebirth. Screenshots they have shared so far include the Buggy, the Parade scene in Junon, the Bottomswell battle, and various iconic moments in the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come to the PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. Exclusivity on the Sony platform is set to end on May 29, 2024. FFVII Remake is available now to play on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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