See Key Visuals for the Hunter x Hunter Stage Play Characters

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Key visuals of the Hunter x Hunter The Stage characters, as well as information on tickets, appeared online. The stage play for Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter will run from May 12-28, 2023 at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo, Japan. Aside from everyone’s key visuals, there are also photographs of the six main cast members taking pictures for promotional material. [Thanks, Comic Natalie!]

The main cast for Hunter x Hunter The Stage include the following actors playing iconic characters:

  • Gon: Shion Otomo
  • Killua: Chika Akutsuni
  • Kurapika: Yuuki Ogoe
  • Leorio: Shori Kondo
  • Illumi: Kandai Ueda
  • Hisoka: Haruki Kiyama

You can see them taking pictures for the key visuals here:

You can also check out the official commercial for the stage play here:

Because Silva, Zeno, Netero, and Hanzo all appear in the stage play, it will likely cover the Hunter Exam Arc to the Zoldyck Arc. It is unknown if the stage play will leave room for sequels, which would cover the Yorkshin and Greed Island Arcs.

As for the finished key visuals for the Hunter x Hunter The Stage characters, you can check them out here:

As for tickets, you will be able to start purchasing them from April 15, 2023. Advance sales have started on February 13, 2023, but only readers of the online version of Weekly Shonen Jump are eligible for the lottery. Tickets cost 11,000 JPY, which is about  $83.70.

Hunter x Hunter The Stage will run from May 12-28, 2023, and tickets will go on sale from April 15, 2023.

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