See How Mobius Final Fantasy Player Scores More Than 2.5 Million Points


Mobius Chaosbringer

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Those looking to boost their score in Mobius Final Fantasy may want to check out this video by a top ranked player. This particular strategy utilizes the Dark Knight’s Chaosbringer ultimate ability, along with the Ares, Geryon, and Gigant ability cards. If you have yet to unlock Chaosbringer, consider using this auto battle seed farming technique to speed up the process. Pre-registration gift weapon Brotherhood also comes in handy with its +2% Ultimate Charger ability. With Brotherhood equipped, normal attacks provide a boost to the ultimate gauge.


In the video, a score of more than 2.7 million points is achieved on the Hard difficulty Drylan Pit stage. This stage is chosen for the fire elements it provides and the monster line up. In the first battle alone, 500,000 points can be earned if the ultimate gauge is full from the start. Effectively managing ultimate attacks and charging the gauge as each battle progresses is the key to scoring the other 2 million points.


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