See the Honkai Impact 3rd Infinite Ouroboros Battlesuit

Honkai Impact 3rd Infinite Ouroboros battlesuit Mobius

As usual, a new S-rank battlesuit will be a part of the next Honkai Impact 3rd update. To help people prepare for what to expect, miHoYo shared a trailer. It briefly showed the Honkai Impact 3rd Infinite Ouroboros battlesuit in action. After that segment, miHoYo discussed design decisions when it came to adding the new heroine.

Editor’s Note: The Infinite Ouroboros Battlesuit video below will involve spoilers for Honkai Impact 3rd.

Here’s the video looking at Mobius and offering miHoYo’s insights into the character. English subtitles are available if you turn closed captions on.

When discussing Mobius and her Honkai Impact 3rd Infinite Ouroboros battlesuit, miHoYo noted her snake motif. It also mentioned she’s one of the first Flame Chasers they made and represents evolution. It explained her reaction and response to Honkai as well. After the halfway point, they talked about her moveset a bit and how it plays with the idea of an invisible hand and use of shadows. Her attacks also can “devour” to damage an opponent while making herself stronger.

Previously, another Flame Chaser joined Honkai Impact 3rd. Elysia and her Miss Pink Elf battlesuit were a part of the September 2021 5.1 update.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for the PC and mobile devices. The 5.2 update is expected to appear later in October 2021.

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