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See The Locales Of Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden


You’ve already seen how the character customization works in Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy, using the Crown system. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the locations in the game.

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Four Warriors of Light looks really nice for a DS game and the environment art especially plays a big role in this. The game is divided into different countries, none of which look similar to each other. First up is Brand’s hometown the Kingdom of Horun, a fertile farmland that thrives on livestock and rice.


image image image image


Next, you have Elba — a lush land with giant trees. Humans that enter Elba are said to never return.


image image image image


Then there’s Goura, a magical town in the middle of a desert. (Agrabah? O_o) It is said this town is struggling after being cursed by someone.


image image image image


After that you have Urpes, a European style city with a business district that is divided into four areas. The bar and casino in the city thrive during the night time, while during the day, you’ll run into beggars and servants.


image image image image


And finally, there’s an "unknown country" which is covered in snow and has purple flowers growing in it.


image image image image


Quite the diverse mix, isn’t it? So far Urpes looks the most interesting to me. It’s a little reminiscent of the Layton style. Let’s hope we get confirmation of a localization soon. This game looks really nice.

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