See the Resident Evil: Death Island Movie for the First Time

See Resident Evil: Death Island Movie for the First Time

In 2023, the Resident Evil: Vendetta CG sequel movie Resident Evil: Death Island will appear. However, people can get a peek at it ahead of launch. The first teaser trailer appeared, showing off what Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy will have to deal with in the new film. [Thanks, IGN!]

This trailer is an incredibly brief one. It spends 30 seconds showing off some major characters, locations, and enemies in the Resident Evil: Death Island movie. Things begin in Alcatraz Island. A number of zombies are lumbering through the prison. Then, we see Leon S. Kennedy on the street, checking a phone and looking at records that show Alcatraz and note some infected people, like a person named Shiosawa, went to the prison. After that, we see somebody putting down a coffee cup with the name “Rebecca” on it, perhaps referring to Rebecca Chambers. After that, we see what looks like Chris Redfield heading on a ferry to Alcatraz.

From there, the video gets more unsettling. Some infected, mutated creatures are let loose in a cage underwater. There are also zombies throughout the prison, assaulting visitors. There also appears to be a woman with short hair, hidden in shadows, walking down a staircase. At the very end, it looks like Jill Valentine is practicing at a gun range.

Asa reminder, the movie Resident Evil: Vendetta appeared in 2017. It featured Rebecca, Chris, and Leon dealing with a new zombie outbreak and the Animality Virus (A-Virus). Their goal is to deal with the new zombies and distributor of the virus, in the hopes of protecting New York City and innocent people from the attack. It is available to stream on Netflix and buy on Amazon.

Resident Evil: Death Island will appear in Summer 2023 outside Japan.

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