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See What’s New In Summer Lesson’s Trailer For “Day Out” DLC



Bandai Namco just released a new DLC for Summer Lesson, called “Day Out,” that adds a new area and activities to participate in with Hikari-chan. Here’s a look at what’s new in the latest trailer.


The Day Out DLC adds a new area with a mid-summer atmosphere. The area is located by the sea and a hilltop shrine, where you’ll get to enjoy pleasant sceneries. A new lesson in “Physical Training” will allow you to improve on Hikrai’s “Spirit” stat with practice swings and sit-ups.




Also new are some outdoor-exclusive events, where you’ll get to hand Hikaru a drink or cool her down with a fresh breeze using a fan after workouts. She’ll also come with new sportswear outfits to go with her lively personality.




Additionally, Bandai Namco is preparing additional content for firework festivity events with “Yukata Outfit,” “Play with Fireworks,” and “Enjoy Watching Fireworks” that takes place on the hilltop shrine of the new DLC area as part of a new “Exclusive Situation.”


Summer Lesson is available in Japan for PlayStation 4. The Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Day Out DLC is now available for 1,490 yen.

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