Seek Criminals Hiding Within A Strange Planet In Powernaut Vangardt



Powernaut Vangardt takes players to the strange, sprawling environments of Verkon III, tasking them with shooting their way through aliens, machines, and other odd creatures in order to stop a space criminal from destroying the universe.




Powernaut Vangardt takes place over an interconnected world, having them explore a series of different areas in order to locate Lord Nimdok, the leader of these dangerous creatures. Seven generals intend to keep the player at bay, though, so the player will have to find them and beat them before they have a chance at fighting their master.


Powernaut Vangardt uses a Game Boy visual style, drawing some similarities to Metroid 2: The Return of Samus with its artwork and exploration elements.




Powernaut Vangardt is set to release early in 2017. It is raising votes on Greenlight for a Steam release.

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