Sega Ages Adds Ichidant-R, Shinobi, Wonder Boy, G-LOC, Herzog Zwei, And More To Lineup


shinobi 2

During Sega Fes 2019, Sega revealed that six new games are coming to the Nintendo Switch Sega Ages lineup, including Shinobi, Wonder Boy: Monster Land, Fantasy Zone, and completely new archived titles like Ichidant-R, G-Loc Air Battle, and more.


Check out some screenshots and a short intro to each game via the Sega Ages website here below:


ichidant r 1

ichidant r 2

The second game in the puzzle & action Tant-R series, with more than 16 games included. This marks the first time the arcade version has been ported, and this release also includes the extremely rare International version.


In this game, the two protagonists from Tant-R are now medieval knights who must save a princess from the demon king, and must solve various minigames in order to make their way to the demon king’s castle.



shinobi 1

shinobi 2

The original arcade game that started off the Shinobi series, which has been brought over to various consoles due to its popularity. Shinobi is an action game where you take control of Joe Musashi, a ninja living in modern day, fighting against the evil organization Zeed who are kidnapping ninja children.


G-LOC: Air Battle

g loc 1

g loc 2

A 3D shooting game that was Sega’s eleventh arcade game with a gimmick like a rotating cockpit. The arcade version has never received a faithful port until now, as it was only ever ported to the technically inferior Mega Drive and Game Gear. A spiritual sequel to the Afterburner series, you choose one out of three difficulties, and clear missions within time limits.


Fantasy Zone

fantasy zone 1

fantasy zone 2

This version of the classic Fantasy Zone is based on the 3DS version, which added various new features while staying faithful to the arcade experience. For example, the Coin Stock system adds coins permanently and spending them will not cause them to deplete. This version also has an original boss originally only found in the Sega Mark III version of Fantasy Zone. Finally, this version has ‘Link Loop Land’, a hidden story where you play as Opa-Opa’s brother, Upa-Upa, in a quest to repay debt.


Herzog Zwei

herzog zwei 1

herzog zwei 2

Another real-time strategy game by the Thunder Force series makers Technosoft. The game has players take control of a fighter that can transform into a mecha, and strategically manage resources in a fight against an AI army. This version of Herzog Zwei adds in online versus functionality.


Wonder Boy: Monster Land

wonder boy 1

wonder boy 2

The classic entry in the convoluted Wonder Boy series (in terms of naming), and essentially the game to which Monster Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a sequel to, this game remains popular to this day. By defeating enemies, you collect gold that you can spend on items and new equipment, in order to defeat MEKA dragon at the very end.


This version includes the extremely rare International version, and also the online ranking modes like ‘Sphinx Challenge’, ‘Monster Castle Challenge’, ‘Fireball Challenge’ that the Sega Ages Online version included.


All these above games currently do not have release dates.


Sega Ages is available on Nintendo Switch.


Update: Sega has confirmed that all the above games are coming Westward.

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