Sega CEO Talks About the Possibilities of a New Sega Console and Content Creation Moving Forward

Sega President and CEO Haruki Satomi

Sega turned 60 today, and we got a special interview over at the official website with President and CEO Haruki Satomi, who briefly talked about the possibilities of a new console, what to expect moving forward, and more. The interviewer is none other than Sega Shiro, the company’s 60th anniversary ambassador.

Straight to the point, the possibilities of a ‘new Sega console

Sega Shiro, Sega 60th Anniversary Ambassador: “We fans are ready for the surprises!! That said, can I ask something??”

Haruki Satomi, Sega President and CEO: “What is it??”

Sega Shiro: “I’ll get straight to the point, but is there a possibility for the ‘birth of a new Sega console’…?”

Haruki Satomi: “Actually, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Sega’s establishment…”

Sega Shiro: “Gulp”

Sega President and CEO Haruki Satomi

Haruki Satomi: “… Or so I wish I could surprise you guys in such a way, but unfortunately, that’s not happening.”

Sega Shiro: “Th-that can’t be… Fatheeeerrrrr!!!”

Haruki Satomi: “Back in March, when we first revealed the silhouette of Sega Shiro, we heard a lot of fans ask ‘Is it a Sega Saturn revival?’. Again, I’m nothing but grateful to have such expectations of Sega. I want to see us continue making content that shows that we’re not going to betray such expectations.”

New Sega content moving forward

Sega Shiro: “So what kind of content will Sega make moving forward?”

Haruki Satomi: “Firstly, what’s important is to not lose the likeness of Sega. Originally, it wasn’t about imitation, but a company full of people that wanted to surprise the world.”

Sega Shiro: “I totally understand that.”

Haruki Satomi: “However, I believe there’s been a big problem in recent years that we haven’t been offering the kind of content that surprises people around the world. With the change in era, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate between technology, as we’ve seen in the past.”

Sega Shiro: “There isn’t anything I can say to that…”

Sega President and CEO Haruki Satomi

Haruki Satomi: “We decided to go with ‘GO SEGA’ for the 60th anniversary concept. With this opportunity, we plan to demonstrate the challenging spirit that’s always been there with Sega to bring the surprising kind of content that says ‘Sega is here’.”

Sega Shiro: “I’d really, really like that!”

Haruki Satomi: “For example, do you know about 5G?”

Sega Shiro: “5G!? Is that a new Sega console!?”

Haruki Satomi: “It’s about telecommunications [laughs]. With the appearance of 5G, users no longer have to worry about download times. We’re approaching an era in which you can seamlessly experience content without having to choose a device or location. This is one of the challenges.”

Sega Shiro: “So there’s an opportunity with 5G…?”

Haruki Satomi: “If you look in the past, you’ll see big innovations in the entertainment content industry when there was changes in telecommunications standards. For example, the 2G era had i-mode, the 3G era had social games and the App Store, the 4G era had F2P app games and video contents and such.

Sega Shiro: “That’s right!”

Haruki Satomi: “In addition to predicting the always-changing usage scene, we will create content that introduces new experiences. I truly believe that we’re living in a time when we must question the true value behind the saying ‘creation is life’.”

Sega Shiro: “Can I ask another thing about content creation?”

Haruki Satomi: “Sure, ask away.”

Sega Shiro: “As a group, Sega works on not only video games but toys, movies, and a variety of entertainment content… or so I’ve heard from my father. What is it that keeps pushing Sega to continue creating entertainment regardless of genres?”

Haruki Satomi: “Do you know the mission of the Sega Group, Sega Shiro-kun?”

Sega Shiro: “To continue creating deeply moving experiences!”

Sega President and CEO Haruki Satomi

Haruki Satomi: “That is correct. While it may differ across businesses, regions, and genres, the goal of warming people’s hearts through entertainment content is all the same. We can create new experiences by putting together each of their strengths. I believe that the broadness of business is one of Sega’s strengths.”

Sega Shiro: “So, ‘broadness of business equals strength’… noted!”

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