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Sega of America to Continue Operating With Staff Working From Home

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Another day, another coronavirus-related event in the games industry. As we get deeper into the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone needs to make changes to adjust. That includes companies, both in terms of impacted operations, but also ensuring staff safety as much as possible. Many companies that have more traditional, in-house working environments have been transitioning to work from home technology so folks can keep their jobs despite having to stay inside. To that effect, Sega of America has released a public-facing statement from CEO Tatsuyuki Miyazaki regarding the company’s plans during this event.

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The statement reads as you’d probably expect, especially if you’ve been keeping up with news and similar statements from other companies and organizations. Sega of America’s Miyazaki noted that the games industry has been hit hard due to events like E3 and GDC being canceled or disrupted, but also stated that Sega still hopes to continue operating and working with its partners to keep the content flowing.

The statement ended with a promise that Sega has new surprises in store for fans, which likely include a certain blue hedgehog. Between E3 2020 being canceled and the annual SXSW Sonic panel out of commission too, there is probably plenty of news ready to roll.

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