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Sega Heroes Shutdown Announced as Sega and Demiurge Part Ways

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If you’ve been playing Sega Heroes, the match-three character gacha extravaganza, now is the time to stop spending money on it. In a surprising turn of events, the years-long partnership between Sega and developer Demiurge is coming to an end. Demiurge is returning to independence, and that means a Sega Heroes shutdown is around the corner.

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Fans of Sega Heroes have about a month left to enjoy the game. However, starting tomorrow, in-app purchases will be turned off. As a final hurrah of sorts, while Sega is preparing to shut down the servers, it’s opening up the floodgates first. All players will have the maximum VIP levels activated, Daily Rewards will award boosted gem numbers, Legendary Events and Dremagen Boss Battles will all be turned on, and Taiga Saejima will be released to complete the Yakuza set.

On May 21, 2020, the Sega Heroes servers will be deactivated. It’s always unfortunate when a premium purchase-driven game shutters, but Sega is offering refunds to an extent. Players who made purchases on or after March 17, 2020 can fill out their respective mobile marketplace’s refund application forms, and Sega will be honoring those requests.

If you’ve been playing video games for the past decade, you’ve probably played a Demiurge project. The studio has had hands on series from BioShock to Mass Effect, and many more. Demiurge’s original games are Sega HeroesCrazy Taxi Tycoon, and Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Sega Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices until May 21, 2020.

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