Sega Introduces Yakuza 5’s Bad And Not-So-Bad Guys

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Given Yakuza 5 is a game with five playable protagonists, it’s a given that there will be quite a few important supporting cast members who keep coming up throughout the story. Also, with this dealing with some rather shady doings, many of them are going to be rather questionable characters. To help people prepare for the new and familiar faces, Sega has put together a primer about everyone who’ll be resurfacing for this entry.

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Goro Majima isn’t the most important of them, but he may be most crucial to fans. The Shimano Family’s Mad Dog made an oath to himself concerning Kazuma Kiryu, and he shows up in Yakuza 5. Who knows what he’ll get up to this time?




Masaru Watase, an Omi Alliance lieutenant, wants war. Not just any war either, a good, strong, violent one. He wants the Tojo Clan to put up a good fight. In case you aren’t familiar with them, the Tojo Clain is the one Kazuma used to be affiliated with.




Sosuke Komaki is one of the not-so-bad guys. He and Kazuma may fight, but Kazuma will definitely get something out of the experience. Sosuke is there to help teach him a few things. If you’ve played any Yakuza games before, his last name should be familiar. I’ll give you a hint, back in Yakuza 3, Kazuma met a Sotaro Komaki.




Hiroshi Kugihara is a guy you definitely don’t want to deal with. Unfortunately, Taiga Saejima’s forced to in prison. He’s keeps on sending people after Taiga, and it’s only a matter of time before someone has to teach this guy some manners.




Finally, there’s this mysterious man. He’s a detective from Osaka that keeps showing up throughout Yakuza 5. Nobody knows why he keeps offering a shady sort of help to each character, but I’m sure you’ll find out as you play.


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Yakuza 5 was supposed to be released in November. An updated release window has yet to be announced. It will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3.

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