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Sega Recap Virtual On Force Features


In the weeks leading up to Virtual On Force’s Xbox 360 release, Sega are reminding fans that the arcade-to-360 port will come a healthy helping of customizable features, some of which were present in the original arcade game — including, of course, 4-player online matches.


In addition to taking up to four players online (2-on-2 face-offs), you’ll also be able to download replays of other players’ matches from the rankings board, like in Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram.


Virtual On Force also lets you customize your control options, including a Twin Sticks EX setup that uses Hori’s upcoming limited edition Twin Sticks controller. If you use an Xbox 360 gamepad, however, you’ll be able to use the extra buttons to map auto-functions.


The game also features the standard options for matches, including being able to adjust the volume of voices, music, and sound effects separately. You can even choose specific background music that you’d like to hear.


Force features quite a few Virtuaroid variants, too. Here’s a quick list at all the Temjin — the official Virtual On mascot — models in the game.


747-A Temjin:

Your standard Temjin model available from the start of the game. Easy to pilot and all-around well-balanced.


747F Temjin:

Built around increased mobility and evasive manoeuvres.


747H Temjin:

As you can probably tell by the bulky build, this model sacrifices mobility for greater offensive capabilities and damage.


747T Temjin:

This appears to be the fastest of the Temjin models, but it also has the weakest armour.


And finally, the limited edition of Virtual-On Force comes with a memorial booklet, titled Virtual On Chronicle 15, commemorating the franchise’s 15th anniversary. Sega have provided a sample PDF to give fans an idea of what the book will look like. You can grab it here. You’ll want to change your Adobe Reader’s page display settings to “Two-Up” to view it in its intended layout.


Virtual On Force releases on December 22nd for the Xbox 360. In addition to the booklet, you’ll also get a massive 6-disc soundtrack if you buy the limited edition of the game. Oh, and a Fetish Code if you pre-order.

Ishaan Sahdev
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