Sega Super Game May Come Out in March 2026

sega super game

Sega predicts that its “Super Game” project will be able to deliver lifetime sales of at least 100 billion yen or about $672 million. If things go as Sega plans, then this Super Game will be on the market by March 2026. Not only does Sega believe that this game will generate an incredible profit, it also believes that it will have more active users than any Sega game to date. [Thanks, Game Developer!]

According to CEO Haruki Satomi, he wants to create a game that is “so revolutionary that it attracts far more active users than any of the Group’s games to date.” In order to achieve this goal, he outlines online communities such as streamers. As people create and consume content outside of the game, it adds value separate from what the developers intended. This can then attract more peripheral players, which will in turn increase the game’s population.

In order to make enough money for this project, Sega plans on focus on global franchises like Sonic, Persona, and Total War. Satomi has also said that he wants to create “hit titles that represent Japan,” and Super Game will help Sega to do so. When Sega first discussed Super Game in April 2022, the company said that it is “the development of triple-A titles that cross over Sega’s comprehensive range of technologies.”

In April 2022, Sega said that Super Game may integrate NFT and cloud-based technology. It has not made any concrete statements as to whether or not they will be present. However, back in January 2022, Sega had stated that it would not make NFT games if players react negatively.

Stephanie Liu
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