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Sega Takes a Look Back at the Making of Space Harrier with Master Hiro


Sega has published a short video interview with Hiroshi Kawaguchi, referred to as Master Hiro, the sound director of Space Harrier. The goal is to commemorate the game’s re-release as part of the Sega Ages lineup.

In the interview, Kawaguchi recounts just how he got into the sound director role, his memories behind the creation of Space Harrier‘s long main theme, and more.

Sega Ages Space Harrier has been a part of the Sega Ages line since June 2019. It is especially notable for adding the Komainu Barrier Attack. This gives Harrier a protective forcefield to help players make their way through levels. You could also turn on motion controls to use the Joy-Con like a joystick.

Sega Ages Space Harrier is available on Nintendo Switch.

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