SEGA VP Praises Yakuza’s Multiplatform Release, Mentions Possible New Sonic Title

SEGA Multiplatform Release

SEGA VP Shuji Utsumi revealed that the company will focus on releasing its games for multiple platforms simultaneously worldwide. Utsumi cited Yakuza: Like a Dragon‘s successful multiplatform release as the main example of a succesful release. SEGA is now eyeing a multiplatform simultaneous worldwide release of other franchises like the Persona series. Additionally, Utsumi also mentioned the possibility of a new Sonic the Hedgehog title announcement coming soon. [Thanks, ryokuta2089!]

Regarding Like a Dragon, Utsumi said the game’s simultaneous global release made it the highest-grossing Yakuza game in the series. Previously, SEGA focused on PlayStation releases in Japan. However, Like a Dragon marked the first game in which SEGA decided to take multiplatform global releases seriously. Because of this, Utusmi says the game received high praise through its Xbox and Steam releases.

Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi was also cited as a major point of success for the franchise. According to Utsumi, Nagoshi is “one of the few people capable of making a global hit title.” He went on to explain that big game titles “require worldwide success to turn a profit,” and that Nagoshi will continue to work closely with development teams to accomplish this.

Additionally, Utsumi hopes to utilize this multiplatform release strategy on the Persona franchise as well. Less than a month ago, Persona 5 Strikers reached 1.3 million units sold globally after its worldwide release in February 2021. With the caveat that “there would have to be some adjustments on a per-title basis,” Utsumi says SEGA is looking into the “global expansion” of other Atlus titles.

Furthermore, the SEGA VP stated that there “may be an announcement of a new Sonic The Hedgehog title coming soon.” This teaser comes just a month before the official 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. While no official game announcements have been made yet, merchandise and comics of the speedy spiny mammal have already been announced.


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