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Sega Are Working On More 3D Classics For Nintendo 3DS


This past week, Sega released their first set of 3D Classics for the Nintendo 3DS in the west—3D Super Hang-On and 3D Space Harrier. While the rest of their 3D Classics titles are set for release over the next month, Sega have also revealed that they’re presently developing even more.


Earlier today, James Booth, an assistant producer at Sega’s Hardlight Studio, sent a tweet to Sega CS3 producer, Yosuke Okunari, thanking him for his work on the 3D Classics line. Okunari tweeted back: “Thank you. We develop the 2nd series for Japan. If this overseas release succeeds, it may release these in the world.”


It’s nice to see Sega continuing their 3D Classics line, at a time when Nintendo aren’t continuing their own. The obvious question now is, which other retro games are Sega converting to 3D? Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 obvious choices, but I’m personally hoping for Comix Zone and maybe even a more ambitious undertaking like Panzer Dragoon.


Now’s also a good time to mention that Siliconera has been cooperating with Sega in releasing a series of interviews on their 3D Classics line, originally published in Japan. You can learn more about 3D Super Hang-On and 3D Space Harrier in this interview with Okunari.

Ishaan Sahdev
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