Sekai Project Puts Visual Novel The Reject Demon: Toko On Greenlight

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Lupiesoft came up with the idea of The Reject Demon: Toko during a game jam in 2014. Now, the studio has expanded it into four chapters, and Sekai Project has joined as publisher, putting the game up on Steam Greenlight.


In The Reject Demon: Toko’s world, it’s the job of demons to ferry the souls of deceased humans to the afterlife. You play as Toko, who is a demon that has been cast out of hell, and is now stuck on Earth slowly becoming a human herself.


Toko gets taken in by a human called Nadia, but this stroke of luck is a drop in the ocean that are Toko’s troubles, as she is being hunted by her past and having to deal with inner conflicts. Lupiesoft says that the narrative that ensues is “about comedy, action, romance, and Hell’s sacred art of Rock n’ Roll!”


As said, there will be four chapters of The Reject Demon: Toko in total. The first one is Chapter 0, the prelude, which is what’s currently on Greenlight. Compared with the original game jam version, The Reject Demon now has improved art, a bigger cast, new scenes, and a new conclusion that doubles the length of the original story.

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