Sekai Project Seeks Funding For Narcissu’s 10th Anniversary Remake


Sekai Project has teamed up with developer Stage-nana to launch a Kickstarter for the Narcissu remake we heard about earlier in the year. Or, as they like to call it: the “Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project.”


In total, $75,000 is being asked for in order to fully recreate the whole Narcissu series with new art and re-recorded voices, as well as make an entirely new scenario, in the span of six months.


Specifically, that money will be put towards covering the costs of licenses, artwork, voice work, and programming. Sekai Project says it has already invested $60,000 into the project ”to pay for all the localization work, as well as paying Stage-Nana to start production on the artwork and programming that we need for the project.”


Stretch goals for the Kickstarter have already been announced, too. They are as follows:


  • $100,000: A short extra story by Tomo Kataoka, "1980"
  • $150,000: Mini-shikishi with exclusive artwork for all physical backers.
  • $200,000: Other platforms. (We’re researching what’s feasible now)
  • $250,000: Brand new Narcissu opening animation movie.
  • $500,000: A 30 minute ~ 1 hour long OVA.


Available in exchange for funding the project are exclusive awards including t-shirts, tapestries, soundtracks, visual fan books, collector’s boxes, hand-drawn color shikishis, and dinner with the creator Tomo Kataoka at Anime Expo 2016.


You can play two of the original Narcissu games for free on Steam.

Chris Priestman