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Sekiro Online Mod Adds Co-op and PVP on PCs

A Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice mod in the works since April 2020 is finally available. People who grab LukeYui’s Sekiro Online from NexusMods can now take part in both cooperative and competitive antics with other PC owners of the game. This isn’t a final build, so not every planned feature will be added, but the public beta offers a taste of what up to six player Sekiro multiplayer could feel like. [Thanks, TechRaptor!]

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Initially, the Sekiro Online mod only supported up to three players, but that has doubled for this public beta. Everyone who downloads the Sekiro mod gets Coward’s Bell, Cursed Emblem, Spirit Essence, and Vengeful Spirit items. A host can start a session with a Cursed Emblem, kicking off the P2P connection. The other up to five people come in as Dark Souls-style phantoms, either by an invite from the host or using the Vengeful Spirit to invade. When a visitor wants to end the session, they use the Coward’s Bell to exit. Once people are in there, it is possible to play co-op or PVP. with the Spirit Essence letting you change your character’s color.

Here’s a video from LukeYui looking at Sekiro Online in action. The Spirit Essence has been applied, to show player characters, and it begins with PvP. Then, at the 1:49 mark, it shows co-op.

This other, earlier video from LukeYui looks at the different items in the Sekiro mod.

This Sekiro mod can be installed by dragging and dropping the 45kb download to the "\steamapps\common\Sekiro" folder. As this is a public beta, people should be aware of the following bugs listed by the creator.

Known bugs:

  • Players might slide when they join, this might happen once per player, per restart. To fix this, the player must use the bell to leave the session, then rejoin.
  • Occasionally, the game might crash when someone joins you. Please report this, with a window event viewer report, to me so I can debug and fix it.
  • Worlds on connect are not synchronised, so enemies may be dead for one person, but alive for another if they join mid-way through an area.
  • Players do not despawn when they die.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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