Selvaria And Juliana From Valkyria Chronicles Getting Naughty New Christmas Figures


Figure makers Vertex revealed two new Valkyria Chronicles figures that are in the works, with the new “X’mas Party Set” Christmas-themed figured for Selvaria Bles and Juliana Eberhardt. Here’s a closer look via AmiAmi.


Selvaria Bles

Valkyria Chronicles’ Selvaria Bles figure is sculpted by Zumio and makoto. The 1/7 figure measures about H150mm (up to head).


Juliana Eberhardt

Valkyria Chronicles 2’s Juliana Eberhardt figure is sculpted by Mokamaru. The 1/7 figure measures about H125mm (up to head).


The two figures come in a set of two for 32,184 yen (currently priced at 24,810 on AmiAmi), and they come with a special base with fur along with a special A3-size wall scroll.


Selvaria Bles/Juliana Eberhardt’s X’mas Party Set figures releases in Japan in 2017.

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