Send A Pokemon To Space With Starbound Mods

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Starbound already has a bit of a Pokemon element to the game, what with capture pods that can be created and used to capture monsters roaming around planets. (Also each playable character starts out adventures with a pet now.) But with the help of Starbound mods from Ochiru Yuki, people can take that a step further by heading out into space as one of the more humanoid Pokemon.


There are two Starbound mods that add Pokemon species as playable races. The first was the Lopunny mod that added the characters to the game. People who install this 1.3MB file, which is up-to-date and compatible with Pleased Giraffe, the latest version of the game, will also find Lopunny characters get a custom food, Oran Berries, a recipe for Oran Berry Juice, an Ice Punch ability, an Item Finder matter manipulator, and original codex content. There’s also a transparent clothes option, in the event you want it to look more like the original Pokemon.


lucario starbound


The other Pokemon Starbound mod for people in search of new playable characters adds a Lucario as a possible race. Also compatible with Pleased Giraffe, the Lucario is slightly different than the Lopunny as it can have hair. It also comes with an Aura Sphere ability, Pecha and Chesto berries and recipes, Dan’s gift box as a crafting station, and recipes for weapons like Trainer’s Sword, Materia Blade, and Nights End. It is a 1.5MB download.


To install the Pokemon race Starbound mods, you’ll first need a copy of the Windows and Mac PC game. Then, you’ll need to download the files above and drag and drop the content within to the mods folder. This can be found by opening explorer and navigating through the Program Files, Steam, SteamApps, Common, Starbound, and giraffe_storage folders to find “mods.” To uninstall, go the the same place and delete the folders. Be aware that if deleted, those characters won’t function in-game any longer.

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