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Send Out The Call! Earth Defense Force 2025 Is Out Next Week



If you enjoy the concept of saving the Earth from an alien invasion and are heavily anticipating the upcoming English version of Earth Defense Force 2025, then D3 Publisher wants your help.


In exchange, they’re giving you a free mission pack for contributing to the war effort. If you’ll only do them the favor of sending out a call to arms to help stave off the impending invasion with more signups by signing up on their website and watching the funny “live” newscast (with a nice surprise) and sharing a post to Facebook.


(There’s also word that the game itself will arrive on February 18th.)



02_MissionPack_1 03_MissionPack_1

05_MissionPack_1 06_MissionPack_1

Sign up to watch the live broadcast and send the word, and you’ll get a code redeemable on either XBox 360 or PlayStation 3 for the Special Ops Mission Pack. To note, this promo is only available in the US and Canada and signups will get their codes after February 24th.



11_MissionPack_1 12_MissionPack_1


Earth Defense Force 2025 will be published for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 18th.