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Sending Stars Into The Infinity In Suikoden Tierkreis


Suikoden Tierkreis offers a Wi-Fi opportunity that we’ve also seen in Fire Emblem DS – character exchanges. Don’t feel like level grinding characters? Want to unlock unusual items? Then visit Wahie in the Infinity Corridor to send or host visitors.


Missions all have a time limit on how long they’ll be in effect. This tends to be over 48 hours. So once you send someone, the timer starts. When a person picks him or her up, they have that amount of time to complete the mission and return him or her to Wahie in their Corridor. Then, you have to pick that character up before the time runs out.


Word of Warning 1: If you’re sending a character out to the Infinity, you can’t leave your castle until he/she returns to you. If you leave, you fail the mission. You can only leave your castle if you chose to hire someone from the Infinity.


Word of Warning 2: Always remember to play and log in to the Infinity before time runs out. If you don’t return a character or pick up a character before time expires, you fail the mission and don’t get a worthwhile reward. Get a post it note and mark down when you sent the character and when time expires when you send a character. Stick it to your DS so you don’t forget!


There are basically four kinds of missions one can take when sending someone or hiring someone: renegade hunting, mysterious ruins exploration, warrior training or “I want to meet someone.” Renegade hunting means you hunt down a renegade. Mysterious ruins exploration means paying a visit to a location and dispatching some monsters.


Warrior training means you take that character out and do some level grinding to help him or her earn some levels. Some levels means more than two or three though, as I learned the hard way after taking in a Yorel from the Infinity.


The “I want to meet someone” mission is the simplest, and a good way of testing Wi-Fi. It means you bring that character over, let them meet the person they want to see, then send them back. For example, I had a visiting Sisca who wanted to meet my main character.


There are also some character specific missions, like for Balsam, Zahra and the trader characters. There are special quests, which appear once, that can unlock new inventions and items if completed successfully by someone else.


When you have a visiting character with you they stand out. They are highlighted in battle with a transparent blue or yellow hue, and you can’t change their equipment or abilities. They also pair up nicely with their counterpart characters in a Unite attack called, you guessed it, Counterparts.


If you see someone from Ouran Company and Trapnest Castle when you’re searching through the Infinity, feel free to invite them over for a while. And if I see some familiar faces, I’ll be sure to invite them over as well!

Jenni Lada
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