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Senran Kagura and Neptunia Crossover Action RPG Revealed

Senran Kagura Neptunia Crossover - Senran NinNinNinja Taisen Neptune

Compile Heart revealed a new crossover game between the Senran Kagura series and Neptunia series. The announcement comes from the second day of the Game Live Japan livestream. Titled Senran NinNinNinja Taisen Neptune: Shojo-Tachi no Kyoen, the game will release for PlayStation 4 in 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The reveal trailer for the Senran Kagura Neptunia crossover game promises a fast-paced action-RPG with ninjutsu. The video showed off some of the game in motion, which played similarly to past Senran Kagura titles. The livestream also explained that there will be 2D segments of the game that focus on conversation in addition to 3D battles. There will also be a mysterious minigame that involves hot springs, peaches, and meditation. The Senran Kagura series is no stranger to puzzling minigames. The trailer ended by stating that there will be more details in the April 8, 2021 issue of Weekly Famitsu. Check out the promotional video during the stream below at the 2:31:00 mark.

Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Tamsoft, Marvelous, and Acquire are all involved in some part of the upcoming game’s production. Interestingly, this project was originally teased back in 2019 under the working title Game E Ninja Neptune. Check out some screenshots from the livestream below.

The Senran Kagura Neptunia crossover game, Senran NinNinNinja Taisen Neptune: Shojo-Tachi no Kyoen, will launch on the PlayStation 4 in Japan sometime in 2021. We will keep readers up-to-date when new details arrive in April 2021.

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