Senran Kagura New Link DanMachi Crossover Adds Ais, Hestia, and Ryu

Senran Kagura New Link Danmachi

Mobile game Senran Kagura New Link is getting a crossover with Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (DanMachi, for short). The event will add three new playable characters to the roster drawn from DanMachi‘s cast. The characters are the goddess Hestia, elven guardian Ryu Lion, and first-class adventurer Ais Wallenstein. The event went live on November 15, 2022.

Check out a teaser trailer for the Senran Kagura New Link x DanMachi crossover below.

The event teaser shows off the new playable characters and their abilities in battle. Ryu, Ais, and Hestia appear as they do in the DanMachi anime series’ 4th season. They can also sport unlockable swimsuits. DanMachi protagonist Bell Cranel doesn’t appear in the Senran Kagura New Link DanMachi crossover, but the event rewards costume parts for the character Miyabi that mimic Bell’s costume and hairdo.

Ryu Lion is dressed in her outfit from her time as an adventurer. In the anime, she first appears as an unassuming waitress at the local tavern. Later on, viewers learn of her past as a highly skilled adventurer. Ais Wallenstein has played a major role in the DanMachi storyline, being idolized by Bell and having a reputation as one of the strongest adventurers around. She also led her own series, the DanMachi spin-off anime Sword Oratoria. Hestia is DanMachi‘s heroine, and the divine head of the Hestia Familia, the group to which Bell belongs.

Senran Kagura New Link is available on iOS and Android devices in Japan. DanMachi is available for streaming on services like HiDive and Netflix. The Senran Kagura New Link DanMachi crossover event runs until November 29, 2022.

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