PlayStation Vita

Senran Kagura Producer Working On Another Vocaloid Game For Vita


Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki is working on a Vita rhythm based on the IA Project, reports Dengeki PlayStation magazine. (Thanks, Re:Zaregoto)


“IA” is a Vocaloid developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd. The new game, titled IA/VT, will feature 60 songs, mostly centered around tracks of IA/01 Birth and IA/02 Color, and is slated for release on July 31st in Japan. Marvelous AQL are publishing it.


Gameplay revolves around using the PlayStation Vita analog stick to move around a small circle around a larger circle while pressing buttons to match the flowing notes. The game’s system involves having the player gather “energy” from the fans at live performances of artists and idols, then using it as a way to return it back to the fans through the song’s expressions.


IA/VT is slated for release on July 31 for PlayStation Vita.

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