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Sensual Phrase Becomes A DS Dating Game


sensual phrase ds 1Kaikan Phrase, known in English speaking parts of the world as Sensual Phrase, is the latest manga/anime series to get the DS treatment. Fans of the shojo series may also be delighted to know that it is going to be an otome sim, a dating game called Datenshi no Amai Yuuwaku x Kaikan Phrase and released on February 18, 2010.


In the original series, Aine becomes Λucifer’s lyricist and ends up with Λucifer’s lead singer, Sakuya. However, in the game you’ll also be able to pair up with Yukifumi, Yoshihiko, Atsuro and Kazuto, three other members of Λucifer. Other dateable guys include Λucifer’s producer Hitoshi, Sakuya’s half brother Ralph and Tomoyuki, a member of a rival group called Jesus. The idea that you can date Yukifumi seems funny, and a bit odd, since he’s married in Sensual Phrase. Also Kazuto and Atsuro have girlfriends in the original series as well.


The manga contained some graphic scenes and serious issues. All 18 volumes were rated “mature” when Viz released them in the US. However, the DS game has a CERO B rating, which indicates its for ages 12 and up, so I’m guessing any eye raising material from the manga have been removed.


As for gameplay, it looks like it’s mainly a visual novel, with an occasional music mini-game thrown in. There’ll also be some when a CG is on the touch screen where you can touch the guys and hear them say, probably romantic, phrases in response.


This marks the second time Sensual Phrase has been made into a video game. The first game, called Kaikan Phrase, was a standard music game for the PlayStation. In it you’d play as one of the five Λucifer band members and perform one of six songs.

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