Best Honkai: Star Rail Serval Relic and Light Cone Build
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Serval is Electrifying With the Right Light Cone and Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

As far as four-star damage dealers go in Honkai: Star Rail, Serval is one of the more enjoyable. Unlike a more single-target fighter like Dan Heng, she works best on groups of enemies. Using an electric guitar as her weapon, she can deal out the Shocked status then use that to create chains of further damage across entire groups. With the right Light Cone and Relic setup, someone’s Serval build can shred through groups of enemies in Honkai: Star Rail with little effort.

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What are the Best Light Cones for a Serval Build in Honkai: Star Rail?

With Serval, you want to maximize her ATK stats as much as possible. Not just for her standard attacks, but to boost the damage over time (DoT) caused to Shocked enemies.

For five stars, Night on the Milky Way is ideal. It grants her a stacked ATK boost in large group of enemies, and massively boosts her ATK when she inflicts Weakness Break. Serval is already excellent at dealing with crowds with her Skill and Ultimate, and these boosts make her even more effective.

For a four-star choice, I’ve personally found The Seriousness of Breakfast to be useful. It increases DMG by 12%, but the ATK boost she gains from defeated enemies makes her stronger the longer a fight goes on. I found this to be especially useful in fights against the Automaton Grizzly in Belobog. It’s already weak to Lightning, but it also loves summoning allies which end up becoming fodder for this ATK boost.

For three-star options, Sagacity is useful as its ATK boost is the perfect match to her Ultimate’s ability to extend the Shocked status. Both last for two turns, so they neatly feed into each other and give a decent boost to DoT.

Best Serval Honkai: Star Rail Relic Sets Light Cone

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What Are the Best Relic Sets for a Serval Build in Honkai: Star Rail?

The ideal Relic set for Serval is the Band of Sizzling Thunder, which was seemingly tailor-made for her, and not just for its rock band aesthetic. Two Relics in the set will grant her a 10% increase to Lightning DMG while a full set increases her ATK by 25% when she uses her Skill. Since her Skill is the best way to inflict Shocked, the boost this grants to DoT is extremely useful. It can be found in the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Holy Hymn, which you’ll find after you reach Cloudford on The Xianzhou Loufu.

However, since that may take a while to get to, the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set is a good fallback. Once again, it’s all about boosting her ATK stat as much as possible, which this set grants her twice. With two sets, her ATK is boosted by 12% while a full set specifically boosts damage from her Basic ATK by 10%, which are both useful.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PC and mobile devices. Versions for PS4 and PS5 are coming soon.

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