Setting Traps Is Key In Tactical RPG Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess




Traps are a big part of Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess, letting players lure their enemies to their doom in the grid-based combat of this tactical RPG.




Despite taking place in a peaceful kingdom, danger will come to Gritz and Leah, the heroes of Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess. In combat, players will be able to lay out traps that can damage enemies, push them back, or afflict them with other useful effects.


Players will also have access to other allies, using Leah’s bow to attack from a distance, Nini’s healing, or the various pushing, magical, and vitalizing abilities that each of their friends have.




Each of the characters’ attacks will have specific ranges, weaknesses, and strengths, and these will be shown when the player sets up an attack. This will allow them to think on the move they made and whether it is the best way to use that character at the moment.


Putting players together to fight will also strengthen their bonds as warriors. By using the same few characters together often, players will receive stat boosts for them, increasing their strength by keeping them together.




Translations are currently underway to release Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess in English.

Alistair Wong
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