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The Seven Deadly Sins For 3DS Is All About Exploring And Tag-Team Attacks



Bandai Namco are working on a game based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime for Nintendo 3DS, and it looks like its action focuses a lot on tag-team attacks. 4Gamer shares further details on the gameplay and what you’ll be getting up to.

In The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin, you’ll play as the protagonist Meliodas, who’ll go around the world gathering allies. In order to advance through the game, you’ll take on various quests while taking along one of the supporting characters, such as the female giant Diane who recently made her debut on the anime.

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The above is a look at Meliodas, Elizabeth Liones, and the talking pig named Hawk.


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The key to winning the battles is by connecting combo attacks with the support characters. In order to do so, you’ll need to time the attacks, for example, you can get Diane to throw an enemy up in mid-air then finish them off with additional aerial attacks from Meliodas.


There are all kinds of different attack patterns to explore, plus many support characters that you’ll recruit as you advance through the story.


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In addition to pulling off combos together, the support characters also have access to super special attacks. The above is a look at Diane’s powerful hit.


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While going out on quests, you can find items that can be used to recover your health or boost your attacks, or materials that are used to make cute outfits and such. Questing won’t just be about taking out Holy Knights and other enemies, as you’ll have to explore your way around and look for rare items.


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Meliodas lives in a mobile bar called the Boar Hat, which is also the base of operations in this game. It’s where you’ll take on quests and have different events with characters. There are some stages where the persistent Holy Knights will show up to take you on out of nowhere.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin will release in Japan on February 11, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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